Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2

A few hours ago, the new Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 smartwatch was officially announced, with a new design and new features.

In recent years, Xiaomi has positioned itself as a brand to consider when we talk about wearables. This has been largely due to the resounding success of the Xiaomi Mi Band in all its versions and recently the smartwatches, both the Amazfit Pace and the Amazfit Bip.

This new smartwatch is finished in 316L stainless steel that offers strength and lightweight at the same time. Its round screen has a finish with the 2.5D curvature that makes it integrate perfectly with the body of the watch, which is formed by three physical buttons through which we can interact with the system.

One of the areas in which the smartwatch most move is a sport, and the new Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 arrives more prepared than the previous versions, with water resistance up to 50 meters, like the Gear Sport and recognition of up to eleven activities different sports by default. As expected, we also find GPS connection and heart rate sensor, in addition to Bluetooth to connect to our smartphone.

As for the battery, its approximate duration is five days with normal use and around 35 hours with the continuous use of the GPS connection. A lower autonomy than the other models of the brand but much higher than the smartwatch of other manufacturers.

In the absence of official confirmation, the watch is expected to run an operating system of its own, each time adding more options and features, such as the possibility of controlling Xiaomi’s home devices, something similar to what happens in the Apple Watch. with Apple HomeKit.

The Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 is already sold officially in China and may reach other stores in the future. Its sale price is 130 euros and a premium version is expected with a price that would be around 195 euros.

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