Why Relocating to Mars?

Human Mission to Colonization Mars

Elon Musk has grown to become one of the most iconic entrepreneurs in the world. At one time he was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. He is the current CEO of Tesla Motors and also SpaceX. SpaceX has been carrying out space missions, and Elon Musk believes that human beings can inhabit Mars, which he says will be accomplished by the year 2024.

Therefore, Space X has been researching to plan on building colonies on Mars where some people may be taken to live.

The colonization of Mars is the currently trending thought in the world of astronomy at the moment. There are various reasons as to why many scientists agree that it is a great idea to build colonies in mars and why it is realistic. The reasons are discussed below:

Population control

The world population currently stands at about seven billion. The resources are getting depleted by and by and the Earth is becoming too small to accommodate any further population growth. Unless something is done and done urgently, research done by biologists confirms that nature may take its course leading to depletion of the human race. The human mission to Mars will help to decongest the earth save humanity from extinction.

Nature’s reservation

The reason why the Earth is degrading is that nature is being destroyed by the human population. Nature has its way of balancing, but with the increasing technology, human beings are proving defiant. Therefore, there will come a time when things will completely get out of hand that no one will have control over them. It would be good to adopt the idea of relocating part of the population to Mars.

Job opportunities

The relocation program will create many job opportunities ranging from engineers who study rocket science, teachers, botanists, and doctors. Engineers will be needed to come up with more sophisticated means of transport that will be used on Mars. Additionally, they will have to come up with an available fuel that will be used in the cars. Elon Musk has come up with a plan of how the rocket to be used to ferry people to Mars looks like.

Since relocating to Mars will have to be a whole new economy, things will be different from how they are on earth. The education system will be different, and therefore the generation to come will have to be taught by new tutors, which will create many jobs.

Botanists will be required to find a better way to grow food crops using the defined condition in the colony. They will have to research on whether they would use dirt and where they would obtain organic manure. Jobs for botanists will be created during the research projects, and also, they would work all around while on Mars to make sure that there is food security.

Doctors will be needed on Mars because the change in conditions may result in the formation of complications in the human systems and the doctors will, therefore, help in coming up with the remedies.

SpaceX has proof to show the possibility for man to live on Mars. The following are the discussion points given on how they are going to use science to make the project a success:

Gravitational pull

The gravitational force is higher that of the moon, though it is less than that of the earth. Therefore, it is possible for people to walk on the surface of Mars. Although the weight will be less compared to when one is on earth, the units of measurement can be standardized.

Intensity of sunlight

The intensity of sunlight received on the surface of Mars is enough to enable plants to carry out photosynthesis and therefore, it is a convenient place for plant life to thrive.

Even though Mars does not have an atmosphere like that of the earth, people will live in domes made of a material that can filter ultraviolet light and make the sunlight reaching people to be having no negative effect.

Presence of water

Mars has traces of water and thus, obtaining water will not be difficult. The research carried out has shown that most of the water is in frozen form. This water can be harvested and used for consumption and also for irrigation.

SpaceX has stated that they have enough funds to kick-start the project. The starting requirements, they listed are:

  • BFR, which is a big rocket which weighs 20-50 tons.
  • Volunteers who will live on Mars.

In the coming few years, this project will be a success.

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