Snowden’s Haven App

The analyst of intelligence and American deserter, Eduard Snowden, has presented Heaven, a new application for Android smartphones that allows converting an old terminal into a personal security system with which to protect objects and people.

This is a project that the exile in Russia has submitted jointly with Guardian Project and Freedom of the Press Foundation that uses the sensors present on any mobile (the accelerometer, camera, microphone, sensors, lights, etc.) for notifying the owner of any change in the environment.

For example, according to Snowden himself in a video, you can leave the phone at a point in your room and, if someone enters, it notifies you via a message encrypted by Signal (one of the mobile messaging apps) and it is possible to connect remotely to surveillance phone through Tor, an internet browser that allows access to the network anonymously.

It can be used to monitor a room, to recycle your old phone in a camera to monitor the babies’ sleep, leave it on a laptop or a tablet to make sure nobody touches it.

Although he cannot prevent third parties from digging through the things you are monitoring with your old phone, Heaven works like a security camera that will notify you and send you the images of who is manipulating objects remotely.

The security system of Heaven does not make connections in the cloud or transmit data through third parties unless the SMS notification system is activated. Something recommended only in cases where you do not have an internet connection on our phone.

The application is currently in a beta phase, which means that although already available, it is still in development. In fact, its promoters ask for help from programmers – it is an open source app – and need financial contributions to continue improving the application.

You can download Heaven from Google Play or from the page Guardian Project.

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