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While many people still do not have a 4K television, Samsung and LG are battling for an 8K resolution. The latter announced the 88-inch and 8K OLED screen that it plans to exhibit at CES this year, Samsung has an answer for it.

The cost of manufacturing LCD and OLED panels, the two main TV technologies, is much greater the larger each panel is after certain inches. That’s why a jump from 42 to 55 to 65 inches for televisions can be a few hundred euros for each step, but moving from 65 inches to 75 inches adds several thousand euros. An 85-inch television can cost as much as a car, and we probably will not see any LCD or OLED larger than this size. The manufacturing process of a panel of these inches is simply unfeasible for a product launched to the consumer.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has presented The Wall, according to the company, the world’s first 146-inch modular Micro LED television, at its annual First Look event at CES in Las Vegas. The colored light-emitting diodes, which are actually very small independent light bulbs, combine to form each pixel in the Micro LED matrix. Each pixel emits light on its own, which makes the Micro LED matrix work closer to an OLED panel or a plasma television than a conventional LCD TV that requires a backlight to illuminate the image formed by the liquid crystal layer.

Many billboards and very large screens are often built from similar LED arrays. They form a large moving image that you can recognize from a distance, but when you get closer you can see each group of LED bulbs illuminate and darken to form the image.

The Micro LED matrix in The Wall is not as obvious as the huge LED arrays. Each pixel on the 146-inch screen measures just over 0.8 millimeters, small enough so you cannot see them individually unless you’re a few inches away.

This “The Wall” is formed by diverse screens that will be able to be united to form an enormous screen of up to 146 inches. Samsung has not provided information on how many screens will be needed to get such a size or how many inches each module will be.

Samsung also showed two 8K televisions, they are just prototypes at the moment. The new television with 85-inch 8K LCD technology, the Q9S, thanks to a new engine is able to transform the content SD (720 by 480), HD (1,920 x 1,080) or 4K (3,840 x 2,160) and process it to appear clear to 8K (7,680 by 4,320). The other model of 65 inches, only showed native content 8K to compare with the other model.

Samsung has not announced prices or availability for The Wall, and those details probably will not be revealed until March. Two very good products that will undoubtedly revolutionize the market, but we still need to know the price, and we anticipate that it will not be cheap at all.

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