Samsung Bixby

We are in the age of Artificial Intelligence, but it will be 2018 when we really see a revolution. If you are from Apple you will have Siri, if you have an Android device, you will have Google Assistant, while if you have a Samsung, you will have Bixby and you can get the most out of this new speaker.

All these companies are launching speakers with their personal assistants, Google with Google Home and Apple with HomePod. Samsung will be the next to sign up for this trend.

This will be the Samsung speaker

As we mentioned at the beginning, companies like Google, Amazon or Apple have taken out an intelligent speaker where we can communicate with our assistant more comfortably having different devices connected. Samsung would be preparing its own speaker for the first half of 2018. It would come with the technology of Harman, famous for its audio quality.

As we see, this speaker would not only bet on its assistant as other brands, since it will focus on a quality of audio much higher than the other brands (let’s not forget that it is still a speaker).

According to several rumors, the new Samsung speaker would cost around 200 dollars and would be available for the global market, focusing first on the American. The smart speaker market seems to be starting to come alive. We will be aware of it.

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