Problems with Google Pixel 2

Bad year for Google and its Pixel 2, according to a report there are several users who are having problems with the Google phone. We go to the details.

Added problems with the dongle mini audio jack

Some will say that this would not happen if Google had not removed the dongle mini jack audio from its terminals Pixel 2, but beyond this fashion and all that, this article will not criticize Google’s decision because it is not the idea.

Apparently, the quality of this dongle is not so good because it does not stop making contact and the sound instead of going through our hearing aid comes out through the speakerphone.

Google is aware and this is your answer

The firm of Mountain View is aware and has advised those who are affected by this problem to restart the terminal, the downside of this is that some users have not been able to fully solve the problem with this dongle and are asking Google for a new dongle spare.

Problems with the fingerprint reader

Recently these terminals have updated to Android 8.1 but according to recent reports, some users have reported that their fingerprint reader ‘has become’ slower after updating their Pixel 2 to Android 8.1 as we informed you previously.

We sincerely believe that this problem is minor compared to the one that previously caused the OLED screen or what we discussed above, the problem of the dongle mini-jack but we cannot say that it affects all the terminals because they have been reported only some cases affected with this inconvenience.

The ‘ambient screen’ function seems to be the cause

According to some users who already have Android 8.1 in the Pixel 2, the activated screen environment function improves the performance of the fingerprint reader, but if we turn it off it causes the performance to decline.

Anyway, we would love Google to pay attention to the faults that surely can be corrected with updates and will not require a terminal change.

Bad year for the Pixel 2

Google should not be very happy with this year’s Pixel, every week there are new problems with these terminals, surely you will tell us that ‘they are unimportant problems’ but even if they are we have to remember that these terminals are not only the line top of Google (the only, actually) but it is phones with a very high price.

Hopefully, Google will show business responsibility and react to this with better responses than ‘you must restart the computer’.

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