iPhone 8 Plus Battery Failures

Apple Investigating Two Possible iPhone 8 Plus Battery Failures!

It may seem ironic and at the same time strange that a phone that costs almost 1,000 euros have this problem with the batteries but as we have said we do not always agree to buy the mobiles when these are launched since things like these can happen, just like it happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the batteries of the iPhone 8 swell when charging them.

The Problem is Unknown!

Apple as usual in these cases has not issued any comment but is that really is not known the cause of this problem, it is not known for sure if the units affected are few or many or if the batteries are defective, tightness is total.

The First Case Happened In Taiwan

What we do know is that the first case of a bloated iPhone 8 happened in Taiwan, a user with a brand-new iPhone 8 Plus gold color 64GB of storage uploaded the photos of a puffy battery alleged to Twitter which we share here below:

According to this user he had left his iPhone 8 Plus charging and suddenly he found not only with the inflated battery of the terminal but also with (as you can see in the photo) his mobile had the screen separated from the battery.

Apple is investigating the case (without doing as well mentioned public comments) and in addition to this Taiwanese man apparently, a user of Japan reports having the same type of problems but without having loaded the mobile.

Similar Case With Note 7 Batteries

Seeing news like this today we can think of two things, that the factories are not taking care of the details of the products they launch and that this reminds us of the Note 7 case last year, we will see if Apple releases a statement sooner or later explaining what has happened and without pride of by means that in the end, they are not cheap mobiles.

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