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Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced the European availability and monetization of the Developer Alliance, a project announced globally in 2015 in China. This is the content platform with which developers can take advantage of Artificial Intelligence and create next-generation content and applications.

Thanks to this Artificial Intelligence, the developers will be able to satisfy even more the expectations of the users. Thus, for example, the applications enhanced with the Huawei AI will have a much faster performance than at present, which will improve the user experience, and open the door to new possibilities and developments.

“The mobile phone has become the essential tool for users in all aspects of their lives,” says Walter Ji, European president of Huawei Consumer Business Group Spain. “Therefore, increasingly expect more of the applications that are downloaded on their smartphones, to have an experience that responds to your requests here and now.”

The first applications powered by the Huawei AI confirm this better user experience. For example, a translation application is 300% faster with the Artificial Intelligence of the Kirin 970 chipset from Huawei and allows the translation of texts and images, regardless of whether they are online or offline.

The taking and capturing of images, as well as their editing, as well as in the near future the augmented reality and virtual applications, could be other fields in which developers could find a more effective way to create content, consuming fewer resources technicians.

Objects are immediately recognized, which also facilitates interaction with other contents and algorithms. Thus, for example, applications can be created that identify in real time the calories of the food photographed by the camera or send suggestions or points of sale of a certain item of clothing.

The Huawei Developer Alliance platform makes available to developers everything they need to generate applications, games and other content.

In addition, they provide the necessary tools for the development and testing of these app (including Artificial Intelligence technology to take them to the next level in the user experience). The developer must register with Huawei Developer Alliance, where he will find the tools for the generation and testing of his applications and where he will publish them. This will allow developers to monetize their content and will have the possibility to distribute their work on devices such as smartphones, tablets or wearables and through different channels.

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