Google Pixel Buds Headphones

Google Pixel Buds Headphones translate 40 languages ​​in real-time!

Recently, Google has introduced its own brand of wireless headsets. Pixel Buds are designed to listen to music, podcasts and anything else you want to hear on your mobile phone. However, it also includes access to the Google Assistant and its most interesting feature, the translation of more than 30 languages in real time.

Google eliminated the headphone jack on the Pixel 2, making it even easier to sell a pair of headphones for € 160.

Pixel Buds are wireless headphones that connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth, plus offer audio controls via a touchpad and come with a carrying case. It is adapted so that you can easily use it around the neck. So far everything normal, but the genius of the Pixel Buds is in Google Assistant and Google Translate.

The new Pixel Buds provide instant access to the Google Assistant. All you need to do is touch and hold the right hearing aid and then can ask the Wizard Google to “play music, make a phone call or get directions”, all keeping firmly tightened phone in your pocket safe from muggers. The Google Assistant is available through the Pixel Buds when you connect to an Assistant enabled Android device. Pixel Buds are also compatible with iDevices running iOS 10.0 or higher, but only for listening to music via Bluetooth. So, we recommend that Apple fans stay with the AirPods.


If we have to decide which is the most interesting function in the new Pixel Buds, certainly that is Google Translate. As you have just read, Pixel Buds will allow you to get real-time translations of any of the 40 different languages it supports. Making an instant multilingual experience without any effort. Before you get too hallucinated thanks to the functionality of Google Translate, you have to know that this feature is only available on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, for now. We must assume that this is the first stage of the plan, with the ultimate goal of bringing the translations in real time for each device. Be very patient!  it may take time for it to happen.

The Pixel Buds look, at least in “sketch”, a fantastic and innovative product. With a little help from Google Assistant and a lot of help from Google Translate. They will be available in Just Black, Clearly White and Kind of Blue colors, as well as Pixel 2. Unfortunately, we still do not know how well these translations can work in real time or not.

But for the moment, do you like the look of Google Pixel Buds? Would you pay the sales price for a pair of headphones? and did the Google Assistant functionality like it on Pixel Buds? Or are you more interested in translations in real time? Please leave us your opinion in the comments!

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