Animal Crossing on Smartphone

Nintendo to Release Animal Crossing on Smartphone

Nintendo finally announced Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, its new game for mobile phones to be released on iOS and Android at the end of next month. The title is very similar to other games in the series Animal Crossing, a saga that follows a social game system with high doses of personalization where our character interacts with the environment and with other individuals.

Delayed several times because of the launch of Super Mario Run, this time there is a big difference compared to other games of Nintendo consoles: the chosen location to develop the game is a youth camp. Instead of a town or city, in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp you can build your own camp, an area somewhat smaller than the complete games of Nintendo 3DS or Wii.

The main focus of Pocket Camp seems to be the manufacture of furniture from materials found in various areas, and the home caravan where the central character is housed is as customizable as expected. In addition, one of the characteristics of the saga remains intact as you can meet other players on your friend’s list and exchange articles.

If the game works as we have seen in Nintendo Direct celebrated a few hours ago and as demonstrated by the video that is lodged in these lines, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has the potential to become Nintendo’s biggest success for mobile devices, weigh to have a giant like Pokémon GO behind them. Despite being based on a franchise relatively unknown to the public, Fire Emblem Heroes turned out to be more successful than Super Mario Run because of its free business model. Animal Crossing is an even more natural option for smartphones, with its high social component. Recall that DS and 3DS games, Wild World and New Leaf, have been able to sell 11 million copies worldwide.

Animal Crossing’s iOS and the Android version has been in the works for quite some time now. It was announced a year and a half ago and was original to be one of four smartphone games released in March 2017, but Nintendo only managed to publish Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run in that period of time. From now on we do not know what the next Nintendo games for mobile phones will be.

The game can be downloaded for free and features free basic elements, but as expected also find microtransactions within Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You can now register in the Play Store to receive alerts as soon as the game is available for download.

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